Berlin. Giesebrechtstrasse – Art Nouveau / Jugendstil

The street is located in the district of Charlottenburg, between Wilmersdorfer Strasse and Kurfürsterdamm.

Starting from S-Bahn station Wilmersdorfer Strasse, the street opens with a neoclassical  fountain with eclectic ornaments.

Berlin Geisebrechtstrasse 1

The main tenements built in Jugendstil are numbers 3 and 20

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 2Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 3

Tenements on Geisebrechtstrasse  were built around 1900, together with the commercial area around Ku’damm.

On the number 3 one can clearly see the floral ornaments and shapes, characteristic to the style.

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 4Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 5Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 6

The number 20 on the other hand is decorated in a more eclectic style, with mythical creatures.

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 7Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 8

The ornaments in Jugendstil can be found also on other buildings around the street

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 9

Before the war the area was populated by Berlin inteligencia, mainly of Jewish origin.

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 10

In the vacinity one can also find an old school building.


It is also full of eclectic ornaments with very interesting entrances.

Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 12


Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 15Geisebrechtstrasse Berlin 16

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