U-Bahn Station at Buelowstrasse – Art Nouveau / Jugendstil


Berlin Buelowstrasse 1

The station at Buelowstrasse was opened in 1902 as a part of the construction of the U2 line, going from Pankow in the north of Berlin to Charlottenburg in the west. The Buelowstrasse station itself is located in Schoeneberg, near Schoeneberger Wiese park.

Berlin Buelowstrasse 2

It was destroyed during World War II, which allowed the enlargement of the structure during reconstruction works

Berlin Buelowstrasse 4

The highlights of the station’s decorations are the poles on the entry to the station from the Kurfürstendamm, decorated with classic art nouveau faces

Berlin Buelowstrasse 5Berlin Buelowstrasse 7Berlin Buelowstrasse 8

According to the Art Nouveau style, steel and glass play a prominant tole in the architecture and plays an integral part in the structure

Berlin Buelowstrasse 9Berlin Buelowstrasse 10Berlin Buelowstrasse 11

It is an active station on a U2 line, therefore if you want to visit it, just hop on at any point.

Berlin Buelowstrasse 31

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