Marx-Engels Forum


The Marx Engels Forum is a monument area located between Alexandewrplatz and Nikolaiviertel, dedicated to two communism’s most influencial thinkers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.


It was built in the 1980’s by the contemporary communist government of the DDR, located on the place of the oldest medieval Berlin site, that was unfortunately raised to the ground during World War II. Originally it was located on the opposite side of the river to the Palace of the Republic, a DDR utopia project that was built by the communist on site of the former King’s Palace in Berlin, demolished by the communists in ordert o symbollicaly break with Germany’s oppresive past. In 2006 the Palace of the Republic was in turd demolished, in order fort he reunified Germany to rebuild the original palace on the site (the works are ongoing).


Today the only visible remainder of the complex ist he bronze statue of Marx and Engels, resting unassumingly between the trees, being passed by by tourists on their way from Alexanderplatz to Museum Island.


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