Berlin. Splendid Hotel – Art Nouveau / Jugendstil /Secession

Just north of the famous “Unter den Linden” Street in Berlin’s central district – Mitte, there is a once famous, but these days almost forgotten building – Splendid Hotel.

Hotel Splendid Berlin - facadeup

The hotel was opened in 1904 and was one of the most popular ones in Berlin throughout the late Belle Epoque, due to it’s proximity to the railwaystation in Friedrichstraße.

Hotel Splendid Berlin - door

The facade is a real masterpiece as well as sign of the times – it is a combination of neobaroque style with clear elements of art nouveau style – or Jugendstil as it is called in Germany.

The main focus points are 4 Caryatids at the high end, followed by heada of an African and Native American men.

Hotel Splendid Berlin - facadedown

The door is guided by two people – a man and a woman – who, just as the Mythical Atlas did with the globe, support the building

Hotel Splendid Berlin - face2Hotel Splendid Berlin - face3Hotel Splendid Berlin - face1

The facade is currently a protected landmark. The hotel itself was renamed during the I World War to “Schloß-Hotel” (palace hotel), as the name “Splendid” sounded too french for the local Police chief. The hotel itself was closed after the I world war and was used up untill 1933 as german red cross headquarters. It mostly survived the II World War, after which it found itself on the East Germany side, where it served as a bank.

Hotel Splendid Berlin - facade

Today it is used as office space.

Hotel Splendid Berlin - building

Today’s address of the hotel is Dorothenstrasse 37


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