Art Deco in berlin. 1. Mossehaus

The Mossehaus is located in Berlin-Mitte district in the vacinity of Leipziger Straße und Friedrichstraße.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 1

The building is named after Rudolf Mosse (1843-1920), the publisher of the “Berliner Tageblatt” newspaper.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 2

The original structure (the sides) was built between 1900-1903, and began fuctioning as Berliner Tageblatt headquarters.

It was badly damaged in 1919, during the Spartacist uprising.

It was rebuild, with an added corner that gives the building it’s Art Deco, aerodynamic look, in 1921-1923 by Erich Mendelssohn.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 4Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 5

8 weeks after the reopening a part of the building fell off, killing 13 people and injuring another 11.

The corner as well as wings were badly damaged during the World War II, and were restored only in a simplified version.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 6

Untill the fall of the Berlin Wall, the building was used as industrial printing house.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 7

As the building was located inside of the exclusion zone around the Berlin Wall, it could only be accessed by people carrying a special permit.


Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 9

After the unification of Germany, the building was bought up by a local enterpreneur and expanded into Mosse Center. It was reopened in 1995 in the presence of Rudolf Mosse’s grandson.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 10

Eversince then it housed such companies as Total, Thales Deutschland and Dussmann Group.

Art Deco Berlin Mossehaus 11


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