XIX Century / Secession in Berlin. 1. Graefekiez

Berlin Graefekiez 1

The Graefekiez area is located on the east side of Kreuzberg district in Berlin. The two main streets are Diffenbachstraße and Graefestraße.
From the side of Kottbuser Dam, the street begins with a small square called Hohenstaufenplatz. The street opens with a  church-hospital-senior home complex built in 1908 in a “Gründerzeitbebauung”, that is “the time of the founders” style.

Berlin Graefekiez 2Berlin Graefekiez 3

The style is supposed to imitate mythical times from when the german people arose (around the time of late antique – early medieval period)

Berlin Graefekiez 4Berlin Graefekiez 5Berlin Graefekiez 6

From there we can go through Diffenbachstraße. The tenements here (the ones that remained till this day) were built at the turn of the century in a revivalist style, combining neobaroque and neoclassical styles with a dose of Jugendstil.

Berlin Graefekiez 7Berlin Graefekiez 8

Berlin Graefekiez 10

Berlin Graefekiez 11Berlin Graefekiez 13

Berlin Graefekiez 14.jpg

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