Berlin. Bergmannkiez – Secession / hip places

Berlin Bergmankiez streetname

The area is located in the heart of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain district, not far away from the old Tempelhof airport (closed in 2008).

Berlin Bergmannkiez street4

Berlin Bergmankiez playground

 It was brought to current conditions during an orchestrated renovation and building works around 1900, as many places around Berlin.

 Berlin Bergmankiez tenementsBerlin Bergmankiez facade red 1

The tenements are maintained in a revivalist style, mostly neoclassical and neobaroque, although from time to time one one can stumble upon a pseudo-historic structures alluding to the mythical founder’s times, or Gründerzeiten.

 Berlin Bergmankiez towerBerlin Bergmannkiez tenement2

Some Jugendstil ornaments can also be found.

Berlin Bergmankiez door jugendstil

The main tract of the neighborhood is Bergmannstraße. It is full of cafés, antique shops, bars and restaurants, frequented mostly by Berlin’s hipsters and bohemians.

 Berlin Bergmannkiez shop

The street ends in a square called Marheinekeplatz, where a flea market takes place almost every weekend, where one can buy unique items and one of a kind souvenirs from Berlin.

Berlin Bergmankiez square sculptures


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