The Paul-Gerhardt Church is located in Berlin-Schöneberg on Hauptstrasse, north of Innsubrucker Platz and the Schöneberg station.


It was designed by Hermann Fehling und Daniel Goge and built from 1958 to 1962. It stands on a place of a Jugendstil church of the same name, which due to damages it incurred in World War II had to be demolished.


The new church building did bare any resemblance to the old one – in contrast to designs prelevant in the Art Nouveau era, the new structure lacked any ornamentation and had a much simpler look.


The sensation of the sacred was supposed to be conveyed not by decorations, but by the framework of the building itself, through steep angles and verticals, sharp edges and corners. As such it is an example of Berlin’s expressionist architecture.


The building is a part of a larger complex, togerther with an older, XXVIII century church and a cemetery, seemlessly integrated with the nearby housing project.


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