Soviet/East Germany remnants – 1. Soviet World War II memorial in Treptow

The soviet war memorial was built to commemorate the Russian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Berlin in 1945.

It was opened in 1949; it covers a vast array of land and is located in the Treptower Park, in central-east Berlin.

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial entrance
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 1. Entrance to the site. The inscription reads “eternal glory to the ones who died for the freedom of their socialist motherland”

Entrances to the memorial site are marked with triumphal arches. One enters the site from the side.

Upon entrance appears a monument of a kneeling woman, representing the motherland. The statue is turned to the east, where the main site lays.

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial statue 1
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 2. Statue of the mother-country

To get to the statue one passes through a large gate made out of red stone, with two soldiers kneeling on each side of the entrance.

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial sight2
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 3. The gate 1
Berlin Soviet  War Memorial statue 3
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin. 4. The gate 2
Berlin Soviet  War Memorial sight1
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 5. The gate 3

After passing the gate a view of the main site appears.

The centerpiece of the Soviet War Memorial site is a huge sculpture of a soviet soldier protecting a German child, stepping over a swastika.

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial statue4
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 6. Main sculpture

On both sides of the Berlin War Memorial there are big stones on which a history of the war is told in sculpture and in words (Russian on the one side and German on the other)

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial block1Berlin Soviet  War Memorial block3

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial block2
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 7-9. Stones telling the history of the war, adorned with citations from Stalin

Under the main statue of the soviet soldier, inside a pedestal there is an altar an a mosaic. Flowers are laid in this room during official occasions and by passing tourists.

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial inside
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin 10-12. On the top of the pedestal. The inside of teh “altar”

The building became a staple during the times of East Germany was not destroyed after the fall of the Berlin wall, even though for some it was a symbol of the Russian oppression.

In the early 1990’s, not long before the fall the Berlin Wall the monument was vandalized, allegedly by neo-nazis. This spurred a large demonstration (around 250.000 people) against the right wing extremism. After the reunification of Germany, the new government pledged to take care of all soviet war monuments, including the ones in Berlin

Berlin Soviet  War Memorial panorama
Soviet War Memorial 13. The view from the pedestal

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