Gendarmen markt is one of the most representative places of Berlin. It is located in the Mitte district, near Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse.


The square got its name from the cavalry regimen named Gens d’Armes, stationed there in the XVIII century.


The three most distinct buildings on Gendarmenmarkt are the baroque French and German Cathedrals built in the XVIII century, occupying both ends of the square, and the centrally located, neoclassical Concert Hall, the newest, XIX century addition to the complex.


In front of the Hall stands a statue of the famous poet Friedrich Schiller, one of the most famous representatives of the Romanticism movement.


The square was heavily damaged during World War II, nowadays it is fully restored, being an important point in the schedule of every visitor to Berlin. It is full of restaurants and cafes, being however on the more expensive side of Berlin’s cuisine scene.






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