Hackesche Höfe


Hackesche Höfe is a copmplex of courtyards connected by small passages in the apartment buildings, located on Rosenthaler Strasse in Berlin.


Is is one of prime example’s of germany’s Jugendstil (german offshoot of the Art Nouveau style) preserved to this day.


The complex was designed by August Endel and opened to the public in the beginning of the XX century


The insides of courtyards are full of unvenen lines, bringing to mind the diversity of nature rather than rigid forms of man made structures, with large windows and small mosaic-like tiles bringing to mind the pearls of Islamic architecture. The courts also differ from each other, bringing the impression of structural chaos even more to the forefront.


The front facade of the building is more toned down, with ornamentation drawing from the style of historicism, making the building more simmilar tot he surrounding area.


The building was originally concieved as a quasi shopping mall, and it serves this function to this day, encompassing restaurants, small designer shops and a cinema.


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