Französischer Dom (French Cathedral)

Französischer Dom – view from Gendarmenmarkt

Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) is located in the center of Berlin, on the nothern side of Gendarmenmarkt, near Französische Straße.

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It was built in the XVII Century as a temple for the french Hugenots, a religious sect persecuted in their homeland by the inquisition for heresy.

The inside of the tower
View through the window

As balance, a German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom), was built on the other side of Gendarmenmarkt.

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The church was partly destroyed during World War II, and not fully restored until 1980’s.
Today, visitors can climb up the tower stairs to admire a beautiful panorama of Berlin…

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…as well as the tower of Französischer Dom itself, with Glockenspiel (playing clock) mechanism at its top.

Glockenspiel in Französischer Dom

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