Wildpark Schorfheide

Wolf resting among the trees with sun setting over the park

Wildpark Schorfheide is located north of Berlin, about 40km from Pankow. The most convinient way to get there would be by car, but if you want to get there by public transport you would need take S2 all the way to the last stop and take a bus from there, or go by train form the Berlin-Karow station.

berlin schorfheide wildpark (18).jpg
Unlike in zoos, the animals in Wildpark have large areas to roam freely.

The park is opened throughout the year, currently the entry ticket for asult is €7, you can find more details on the Wildpark Schorfheide website.

berlin schorfheide wildpark (40).jpg
Falcon flying over the wildlife park

Next to the wildlife park, you will also find a ropes adventure park. Visit their website here for more details.

Kletterwald Schorfheide, next to the Wildpark

The stock in Wildpark Schorfheide consists of various domestic animals, as well as wildlife. The species are mostly indigenous to Europe or are adapted to live in this climate.

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The park is opened since 1996, it covers the area of 105 Ha and has around 7km of walking trails.


berlin schorfheide wildpark (13).jpg

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