Viktoria Park -where Kreuzberg got its name

Viktoriapark is located in Kreuzberg, near the old Tempelhof airport and Bergmannkiez (described here:

berlin kreuzberg viktoriapark (2).jpg
The Kreuzberg Monument and the waterfall

The park was built at the end of the XIX Century around the Monument of for the Freedom Wars (Nationaldenkmal für die Befreiungskriege ).

berlin kreuzberg viktoriapark (6).jpg
Top of Viktoria Park

The monument itself is constructed in neoclassical style and comes from the 1820’s. It memorizes the wars that Prussia won throughout the history.

berlin kreuzberg viktoriapark (7).jpg
The Monument of Wars for Freedom

The top of the monument consists of an Iron Cross, a high distinction in German army. This cross (german: Kreuz) that is located on a mountain (Berg) give name to the famous Berlin district of Kreuzberg.

berlin kreuzberg viktoriapark (9).jpg
The Iron Cross – Kreuzberg’s namesake

The Park itself is located on a former site of vineyards; two small ones are still active on the slopes of the mountain and there is a “Kreuz-Neroberger” wine, it is however pressed from grapes provided imported from other towns.

berlin kreuzberg viktoriapark (13).jpg

Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg

The main feature of the park is a waterfall, floating up from the Kreuzberg Monument down onto a small artificial lake, ornamented with a bronze sculpture called “The rare haul”

The park and the monument remain a great viewing point for the central part of Berlin.

View on Tiergarten from Viktoria Park


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