Titania Palast


The Titania Palast is located on Gutsmuthsstraße in the district of Steglitz, near Schloßstrasse.


It was opened in January 1928. The opening was a large event, including the presence of many famous actors of the day. This luxurious cinema quickly became famous around Berlin and beyond.

Titania Palast was built in the New Objectivity Style, it shares many characteristics with the Art Deco style, which also was the original decorative style of the inside of the building.


The lightened tower reaches up 30 meters (around 100 feet)

With its impressive architecture and rich programme the cinema became one of the important cultural centers around Berlin before the II World War. A visitor could choose from not only movies, but also concerts, plays and various other events.



During the III Reich era the cinema’s management decided to embrace the nazi ideology and from the beginning took part in Goebbels’ cultural policy, showing propaganda movies. In 1942 it was nationalized.


The building itself was not severely damaged during the war and after 1945 it landed in the American Sector. It quickly resumend its activities and came back to being an important landmark. The Berlin Philharmony played it’s first concert after the war in Titania Palast.


After the rise of the Berlin Wall the cinema began to fall out of popularity. One of the contributing factors was also the widespread of television. The last film was played in Titania in 1965.


The building stood mostly unused until the 1990’s, when it was rebuilt according to a new concept, incorporating not only a cinema, but also a shopping center. The first movie in the restored building played in 1995.


Today the cinema serves as one of the shopping malls on the commercial Schloßstrasse.

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