St. Ansgar


St. Ansgar is an active church located near Tiergarten, in the Hansaviertel housing project. It was built in 1957 as a part of the modernist Interbau project, constructed for the International Building Exhibition.



The church is located at the place of an old Chapel, destroyed in World War II. The church itself, together with its surroundings, was a part of a great effort to rebuild Berlin after the city was ruined during the bombings and the battle of Berlin.


As a symbol of breaking with Germany’s past, it was decided that the new church will be constructed in modernist style.


As such, its structure is very simple, it is built out of repeatable concrete elements and glass. It, together with the other church constructed as part of the Interbau, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Gedächtniskirche, was supposed to show the new trends in sacral architecture – a break with lavish ornamentation and expensive materials. Just as the plattenbau apartment buildings, such church could be mass produced in factories and assembled very fast on the spot.



Because of its simple construction and heavy use of glass, the building is very spacious and bright, producing an experience simmilar to more traditional places of worship, but with greater simplicity and, what follows, at much lesser cost.

Today the church still preforms its role as a center for the Catholic st. Laurentius parish.

You can visit their website here


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