St. Agnes


St. Agnes is a former church built in the 1960’s in the district of Kreuzberg.  It is built almost exclusively out of concrete blocks, with very little light coming in. It presents a very raw and naked outlook, where its form also performs the role of its structure – there is no ornamentation, all aspects of the building are its structural elements and materials used maintain their original color.


As such, St. Agnes is a typical example of architectural brutalism. In its day the building became famous as an example of the new, post war pragmatic approach to architecture, which was a part of a larger trend of searching for simplicity and the new meaning after the collapse of the old world order.



This trend however proved itself not to be long lasting, and as more elaborate beauty and esthetics made its way back into mainstream thought, such raw concrete structures fell into disrepute. St. Agnes did not manage to escape this fate, and in 2004 its function as a church siezed.

The inside of the Church – source: creative commons

Nowadays the building is used as renting space for various enterprises.





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