Bauhaus archive


The Bauhaus archive building is located on the Landwehr Canal, near Tiergarten, south of the Siegessaule.


The current building was erected in the 1970’s. It was designed based on sketches made by Walter Gropius – the founder of the Bauhaus movement, who unfortunately died in 1969, almost a decade before the building was finished. His project was however deeply modified, and its only original element is the characteristic outline of the fooftops.



It is a second Bauhaus Archive  store- the original one was built in 1964 in Darmstadt. The collection however very quickly outgrew its size and it was decided that a new location has to be found.


This is where the Berlin Senate got involved and proposed to fund the new location for the institution inside the then former capital of Germany. This was insipred partly by the fact that Walter Gropius had a history of living and working in Berlin, but mostly was connected to great renovation projects undertaken in this period thoughout West and East (though separately) Berlin (together with Gropiusstadt, Hansaviertel, Märkisches Viertel etc.)


Today the Bauhaus Archive serves as the museum for the Bauhaus movement (the other one being located in Weimar, the birthplace of Bauhaus), as well as venue for various events and exhibitions.


You can visit their website here


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