Kaiser Friedrich memorial church


Kaiser Friedrich memorial church is a part of the Hansaviertel building project located in the western part of the Tiergarten.




It was opened in 1957 as a part of the Interbau, the first successful architecture exhibition in Berlin after World War II. As such it symbolised a new are in city’s history and was accordingly built in a modernist style, connecting it to the St. Ansgar church built in the same time in close proximity to the Kaiser Friedrich memorial church, right on the other side of Hansaviertel.


In similar vein to the St. Ansgar is is built out of concrete, aluminium and glass that comprise repeatable elements assembled together to create a whole, in the spirit of factory assembly line.


It is larger of the two with bigger bell tower, it is however more raw in its outlook, making the form much simpler, albeit at the expense of having much less windows.


Its ornamentaion is very simple and scarce, maintained in primitivist style, referring to pre rennaissance church aesthetic.


Nowadays it mostly serves as an example of how people after World War II imagined the future and how different their imagination was to how it really unfolded.


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