Berlin Olympic Staduim (Olympiastadion)

The Berlin Olympic Stadium is located on the western borders of Charlottenburg district. You can get there by taking the U2 subway or S5 and S7 S-Bahn lines (avoid visiting on Saturdays, it is mostly not possible due to sports events)

Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset
Front of the Olympiastadion in Berlin-Charlottenburg

It was built between 1934 and 1936 for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. As a main object on which the games were to take place it was supposed to be a vehicle for showing off the splendor of the nazi Germany.

Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset
The Olympic Bell
Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset
III Reich era style sculptures

Teh construction was ordered by Adolf Hitler shortly after his rise to power, his plans were to rebuild a smaller stadium already standing on the chosen location. He delegated the task to Albert Speer – his main architect, responsible for the creation of monumental and raw style of the III Reich architecture.

Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset
south entrance to Olympiastadion – poles in the background are also a part of the larger olympic area
Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset
Monumental poles carrying the olympic sign

The 1936 Olympic Games were the first to include the run with the olympic flame. Up untill this point, the flame was lit on the stadium where the games took place. To enhance the propaganda value, Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, created a plan to carry the olympic flame from Greece all the way to Berlin and light the main torch on the stadium. The fire was lit using a german produced Zeiss glass.

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The Berlin Olympic Stadium survived World War II almost intact, with one major battle taking place in its vicinity in April 1945, right at the end of the conflict.

Olympic Stadium in Berlin during sunsetOlympic Stadium in Berlin during sunset

Currently it i a multi purpose stadium, as well as home for Hertha BSC Berlin Football Club. You can check what’s going on at the stadium here:

Alongside 1936 Olympic Games, the Stadium hosted the World Culture Festival in 2011 and World Championships in Athletics in 2009, among other events.

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