Art Deco in Berlin – Renaissance Theater

Renaissance Theater is located in the district of Charlottenburg, on Knesebackstraße.

Berlin Renaissance Theater 2
Renaissance Theater in Berlin by night


It is the only fully preserved Art Deco Theater in Europe.

Berlin Art Deco Renaissance Theater (7)
….and by day


The Theater itself was opened in 1922, although the building dates back to the beginning of the XX century.

Before it became a theater, it served as headquarters for the academic society “Motiv”.

From 1919 to 1922 it was used as cinema.

Berlin Art Deco Renaissance Theater (4).jpg
Renaissance Theater in Berlin – the fountain at a square in front


In 1926 the Theater was rebuild by an architect Oskar Kaufmann, who created the building’s Art Deco look.


Renaissance Theater was closed in 1933, with Hitler’s rise to power. Untill the end of the World War II the building was occupied by III Reich’s Literature Chamber.

Berlin Art Deco Renaissance Theater (6).jpg
Renaissance Theater in Berlin – the neon sigh by day


The Theater reopened immediately after the end of the war, despite of damages to the building.

Today the Theater specializes in modern art spectacles.

The inside of the Theater is lavishly decorated in a “decadent” style, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures there so this one if what I had to go for:

Renaissance Theater in Berlin – decorations by Cesar Klein (source:

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