Academy of Arts in Hansaviertel


After World War II and the division of Berlin, the main building of the Academy of Arts found itself to be located in the Soviet Sector. This led the city planners form West Berlin to create their own quarters for the institution.


These were erected in 1960 as a part of the Hansaviertel complex (alongside St. Ansgar and Kaiser Friedrich memorial church). The complex is located in the north-western part of Tiergarten, right behind the Schloss Bellvue – Germany’s presidentail palace.


Although it is a part of Hansaviertel, it was not originally built as an ingredient of the Interbau project, but was rather added to the complex later. As such it is, although maintained in the style of modernism, it is different than other parts of the district, showing much more characteristics of brutalism.



In comparison to the surrounding buildings there is less structure and uniformity. Bricks and copper are heavily utilized, as opposed to concrete and aluminum so prevelant around the Hansaviertel. The building has little coherence, but is rather comprised of smaller parts, each maintaining its own look.


The main building is a regular rectangular sturcture with a large concrete layer put on top of brick foundations. The side building is fully made of red bricks with a copper roof, covered in patina. It consists of series of irregular shapes combined with each other, culminating in a large triangle. Both halves are connected with a very simple garden, in which concrete remains a prominent feature.




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