Volkspark Wilmersdorf


The Volkspark Wilmersdorf is located in southern Berlin, in the district of Schöneberg-Wilmersdorf, right next to the JFK square. You can get there with the U4 line (station Rathaus Schöneberg).


The square was built and opened to the public at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries.

The Volkspark Wilmersdorf itself is a more well cultivated part of a larger park complex (containing also the Rudolph-Wilde-Park), the borders of which are marked by the Rathaus Schöneberg station to the east


and to the east Hirschbrunnen, a hunting themed fountain with a golden deer at the top of a large column as a main piece.


The main landmark of the park is a XIX century Jugendstil subway station, the before mentioned U Rathaus Schöneberg. It divides the park into two parts, the so to say a more classical (described here) and romantic (Rudolph-Wilde-Park).


The station is built on the level of the park, which is below the street level. This makes it’s rooftop a kind of a bridge that pedestrians can use when moving around Schöneberg


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