Russian Orthodox cemetery Berlin-Tegel


The Russian Orthodox Berlin-Tegel cemetery is located in the district of Reinickendorf, between Wittestrasse and the A111 highway.


It was established in the late XIX as a burial groud for eastern christians, remaining to this day the only Orthodox cemetery in Berlin.


At the opening of the cemetery, before the first burial was made, the ground were covered with 4.000 tons of consecrated earth brought from Russia for this occasion.

The most interesting, from a visitor’s point of view, structure on the cemetery is the Orthodox Chapel, built in Byzantine-Russian style, with heavy ornamentation, characteristic blue sphere-like domes coped with Orthodox double crosses.


The crosses include crescent moons in the lower parts, to commemorate Russian victories over the Ottomans. The Chapel’s official name is ‘The Church of saint Constantine and Helena’.


The inside of the Church is freely accessible to visitors.


The current church parish comprises worshippers from nearly 200 nationalities.


you can visit the Chapel’ website here (only german and russian):

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