The Mauerpark is a memorial park located on a former site of where the Berlin Wall stood, dividing the districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding.


After the erection of Berlin Wall in 1961, the area, due to its location between former railway station on the one side and a sports park on the other, became popular amongst disidents and escapees from East Germany at the place to try to cross to western sectors.

Thoruoghout the division  years, from 1961 untill the fall oft he Berlin Wall many attempts were made here to get to the other side, resulting in numerous victims shot on the attempt by the DDR police.


Also, numerous tunnels were drilled under the wall in ordert o facilitate the movement of people between the two parts of Berlin.


Nowadays the park serves as a place for Berliners to spend their leisure time, being conviniently located near to the city center.


See also: Berlin Wall Memorial and Chapel of Reconciliation

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