The Chapel of Reconciliation

The Chapel of Reconciliation (german: Kapelle der Versöhnung) stands on Bernauer Strasse, on the former location of the Berlin Wall. It is a part of the larger Berlin Wall Memorial complex.

It was built in the year 2000, on the place of a former Church of Reconciliation, a XIX century construction that came into history as a church standing between the East and West of Berlin, right on the no man’s land between the outer and inner parts of the Berlin Wall, where the directions were to shoot on sight.

The Church of Reconciliation on the no man’s land between East and West Berlin – 1975 (source:


Due to its location, the original church served to help many people trying to escape East Germany as a sefe cover on their way through the border zone.

In order to help the DDR to make the border tighter, the church was blown up in 1985 by the orders of the East Germany government.

Opposite the modern Chapel, you can still see the bell from the original church.

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