Berliner Philharmonie Concert Hall

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The Berlin Philharmonie building is located in the center of Berlin, just west of the Potsdamer Platz.

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BErlin Philharmonie Concert Hall and Potsdamer Platz

The currently standing building was constructed in the early 1960’s to replace the one destroyed during the allied bombing of Berlin in World War II.

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The Berliner Philharmoniker Concert Hall was opened in 1963 with Beethoven’s IX Symphony, conducted by Karajan. The building itself was a political statement being located just at the border between East and West Berlin, next to the by then 2 just years old Berlin Wall.

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Entrance to the hall, with a spiked roof

Together with the Museum of Musical Instruments and theChamber Music Hall it form a Kulturforum complex.

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Building of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Chamber Music Hall

The building was designed by Hans Scharoun in a modern style, with an irregular Form consisting of bent lines and sharp angles, built with concrete, steel and glass.

berlin philharmoniker (3).jpg
Chamber Music Hall

The main part of the building is covered with gold-colored, patterned aluminum plates.

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Round windows, bridges, balconies and a clear distinction between the gold plated top and concrete bottom part of the building give it a nautical look, resembling a large ship swimming through the sea of concrete.

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The Berliner Philharmonie building

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